Team Oberdeck

Easter Highlights

Growing up, Easter played a serious second fiddle to Christmas.  That’s just the nature of the beast.  Now, with my husband having grown up a PK (Preacher’s Kid, for those who don’t speak in acronyms), Easter has really stepped up its game.  Every year we have the same conversation – he wants to know which of the five million church services we are going to attend….and I want to know why attending on Easter Sunday isn’t good enough?  We always compromise down to two or three services and a few Bunny Related activities.

We are lucky to have a church where we LIKE attending.  It’s always interesting.  They have a mix of contemporary and traditional music that strikes well with us – it still feels like Church (the power point presentations feel awkward to me – still), but it also feels Relevant.  That’s important to me.  It’s not just a lecture on doing better because God said so – it’s a thought provoking message that you can apply to YOUR life.  Every Sunday.  Every so often I read FB status posts where people comment, “the sermon today was meant for me.”  If I’m actually able to pay attention, I feel like almost every Sunday.

Anyway.  We also got some great Egg Hunts going on – thanks to Ann & Kyle for hosting all the kiddos and families – it was a real treat to get the whole gang together!  Evelyn got to color eggs with Andrew’s parents, aunt, uncle, and her cousin, which she loved.  She always has such a great time playing with Ethan!  The Bunny also brought Evelyn her first tricycle (thank you, Craigslist!).  And Candy.  She got some Candy.  My eye is still twitching from the candy that I’ve eaten so that she WOULDN’T.  Let’s not get into how many cookies / candies / cakes / yummies that she had…..and most of it was my fault.  OOPS.  But she’s only young once – life is for living, right?!

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