Team Oberdeck

Waiting for George

We have some wonderful friends in town who hail from England.  While their accent is lovely to listen to and they occasionally use interesting words for things, their British-ness does not often play a big role in our friendship.  However.  When a couple is expecting a baby and the whole of their family lives across the pond, it starts to matter!  Thanks to my super flexible schedule, we’ve been able to be On Call as the weeks counted down.  This morning I was SO excited to get a call – “she’s at the hospital – can you watch Holly for awhile?”  It means the world to me that I can help out friends in moments like this – not only does it make their lives a little easier, but Evelyn and I had a really wonderful day with an extra playmate around.  I even kept her home from school to extend the fun.

“George” is not the baby’s name, but it is how Holly referred to her soon-to-be-born brother.  Not having revealed the actual name yet, we talked a lot about George and Mum and Dad today.  We made some cards, we sang some goofy made-up songs about becoming a big sister, and before we knew it – Haydn called to tell us the good news.  It was a lovely day for my little girl and one of her best friends – and I enjoyed a pretty relaxing afternoon with one of MY best friends while they “rested” – Erica and Sophie came over to join the party.  It really was like a party around here.

Congratulations, H family, on your precious new addition.  I can’t wait to meet little Oscar very soon!

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