Team Oberdeck


March was a looooong month for Andrew.  His job is amazing in that he can often work from anywhere….but occasionally, he has to be physically present for meetings.  In March he went to Seattle, Las Vegas, New York City, Boston, and Chicago.  It was crazy.  His very last trip was to Chicago, and Evelyn and I were so very tired of being home alone – – – you know what that means – – – road trip!  Except we didn’t drive – we took the train. Evie and I love the train.  We then took a cab to the hotel (another exciting adventure to a two-year-old) and met Andrew.  Joy!  We walked to the grocery store and hung out in the hotel room for snack / rest time.  Our room had a beautiful view of the river and Evie was mesmerized by the boats – cabs – ambulances – lights – parks – you name it.  A quick walk down to Navy Pier, then an over-the-top dinner near the Magnificent Mile filled the day.  It was so wonderful just to hang out with Andrew again – he and Evie ran in circles by the water, and the long walk through the city did both of us good.  Evelyn actually fell asleep on my shoulder while we walked through the city – thankfully I still habitually throw the sling in the bag for day trips.  There are so many things about my family that I love, and our ability to pick-up-and-go is high on the list.   

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