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You Are What You Eat

Last week Evelyn couldn’t sleep.  From time to time she goes through spells where bedtime STINKS.  All parents understand what I mean.  Sleep training is not a one-time-deal – it’s an over-and-over-and-over event.  So, last week, when she couldn’t sleep and all my usual attempts (reasoning, bribery, threats, pleading) failed, Andrew suggested a new approach.  If she wants to hang out with the grown ups for awhile, fine.  So I sat with her and put on the channel I dreaded as a kid for its boring-ness : Public Television.  I really enjoy it now – usually – but as a kid it was torture.  We wound up watching a program on the evolution of farming, touching on both crops & livestock, and the rise of urban gardening.  I won’t say too much, but watching thousands of cows being herded into the slaughterhouse from their grass-less paddocks recommitted me to eating much LESS meat and knowing much more about where it’s coming from.  Evelyn didn’t understand it at all – don’t worry – she was just excited to see cows on TV (plan backfired, by the way).

Evelyn did eventually go to sleep, and I have started going back to delicious vegetarian recipes.  We’re also taking advantage of a program through Andrew’s work – we’re purchasing veggie shares from a food revolutionary in the Milwaukee area – Growing Power.  I’m hoping this works out – they sell meats, too.  Just some food for thought – read up on it – we really don’t need to put those poor animals through a life like that so we can eat SO much meat as a society.  <Shiver>

So – here’s one of my favorite go-to veggie lunches – the quesadilla.  Take some mushrooms grown a few suburbs away and brown them (or roast or grill them – anyway you like!) in some olive oil.  I added some garlic and oregano from the backyard, too.               

Next, add chopped spinach – sautee until the spinach is wilted – just a minute or two.  If you wait too long, your spinach will be a nasty green mush.  Blech.  Please go for the yummy option with a little more texture to it  🙂  

Then layer on some tortillas with cheese (from happy, lazy, grass fed cows) – I happened to have swiss on hand.  Pop them back on the heat for a few minutes.  I used corn tortillas, which take longer to get crispy, but they tasted yummy.              

Slice and serve.  Of course, you can use any veg you can get your hands on.  Plain ol’ cheese and herbs are delicious on their own.  I’ve added beans – tofu – even grains if I need to make it heartier.

Yesterday when I drove by a McDonald’s my temptation for fries was quickly overridden by the image of those cows….turned into my double cheeseburger.  Eww.  Thanks, PBS, for tugging at my morals yet again – the results are tasty.

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One thought on “You Are What You Eat

  1. I think we might have seen the same program. (Ben was watching it when I came home the other night.)

    And I think we had the same reaction! Those cows…. made me desire meat even less than I have been lately. (Which wasn’t very much.)

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