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We have a joke around here that started shortly after Evelyn was born – if we notice ourselves or our partner saying things like, “You’re so pretty!” or “You’re so beautiful” (when you have a daughter, these sentiments just start pouring out somehow) we have to follow it up with “and you’ll excel at Math & Science” or “and you have a wonderfully active brain!”  It’s ridiculous.  It makes me chuckle.

But, at the same time, I STINK at math and science.  I am that stereotypical girl who stopped trying in math & science because 1) I wasn’t the smartest, 2) it was hard, and 3) it wasn’t ‘cool’.  I’m not proud of it – I’m just admitting it.  Unfortunately, NOT excelling in these subjects didn’t increase my seriously lacking ‘cool’ factor and now I’m lacking in some basic knowledge.  Andrew regularly asks me to go back to 5th grade.  Boo.

In hopes that my daughter will appreciate the value of science, I set out to find a fun activity that would also be pretty and colorful (to keep my interest, of course).  I found this project on – wait for it – Pinterest.  Surprised?!  Evelyn and I made rainbow volcanos and it was really fun – much more so than I’d anticipated.  I had everything on hand – set up and clean up took about 15 minutes – she played for about an hour and would have kept going if I’d had more baking soda.  Here’s what’s up:

Put some baking soda on a plate.  Put it somewhere that your child won’t eat it while you’re getting everything else ready.  Then put some vinegar into various little bowls / cups / whatever and add a few drops of food coloring.  Remind your child that this is NOT JUICE.  We both enjoyed mixing up different colors.  You’ll also need a dropper – we used old medicine droppers from infant tylenol.

Next, teach your child to use the dropper.  Evie caught on much quicker than I’d expected.  It seems I’d underestimated her yet again.

Then let her start dropping the liquid bombs on the plate – get ready for cheers and giggles as the baking soda fizzes (and kids will enjoy it, too!)

I coupled our talk on “volcanos” with this YouTube video.  It’s pretty awesome.  (and by awesome….I mean awesomely faked…..pretty sure this isn’t a real volcanic eruption!!)

Here are some photos from other crafting fun……and yes…..I did ‘trick’ Andrew into finger painting with Evelyn.  He has such a different approach to this than me – it was fun to listen to them!  

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