Team Oberdeck

Road Trip!

A friend of mine recently called me up – “You said awhile ago that you wanted to go visit Matt.  How about next Wednesday?”  Right.  Sounds good.  Here’s what that meant – two mamas pack up two two year olds and a newborn for a 1.5-2 hour trip each way.  Doesn’t sound too crazy, right?  Well….if you know me at all….the craziness just adds to the appeal.  🙂

So, Erica and I agree to get on the road about 9am.  Evelyn and I pulled up around 9:15am (which Erica expected….because I’m always late….as much as I dislike this about myself) and found they’d already loaded the three car seats into the car.  Erica loaded her stuff – I loaded mine – then it was potty time and on the road.  MmmHmm.  Some potty antics, a stop for coffee, a backtrack for the person who’d left their phone behind (me, of course), and we actually got on the freeway after 10am.  Ha!

Matt is a newly ordained pastor who did his internship year at our church.  I was one of the members of his advisory committee and really enjoyed getting to know him.  He helped baptize Evelyn – he helped me get to the gym when I (crazily) signed up for a 1/2 marathon – and he listened to me whine about various ridiculousness (it was good practice for him, I tell myself) while engaging me in interesting conversation.  It was great to see him in his new Grown Up job and really great to see him in a home with some space!

While it was awesome to see Matt blossoming in his chosen field, there is only one word that would accurately describe this trip for me.  Potty.  Evelyn went three times while at Erica’s.  Dylan didn’t want to go and took some convincing.  Evelyn then wanted to see every potty in every town on the way – we stopped 2.5 times en route (.5 is the time we pulled in to the parking spot, only to have her change her tune).  To her credit, she did actually go each time.  We visited the potty at the church, restaurant, and Matt’s home.  She actually asked as we drove by some of the landmarks in town, “They have potties there?”  I feel like I spent most of this trip in some restroom or another…..but she stayed completely dry all day… minor complaining.

It was great fun to watch Evelyn and Dylan share books in the WAY Back.  They read to each other, made silly faces, argued about whether to look for cows or deer, and ran like crazy through the sanctuary and Matt’s new diggs.  When we pulled up at Matt’s, they ran inside and wanted to know immediately “Where the toys for us?”  Can you tell they are catered to a little?!  They had great fun running loops and playing tag.  Matt, also, is amazing with little guys and was running around with them like crazy.  By the end of the trip, I got yelled at for extracting Evelyn from the car instead of Matt doing it.  She was totally won over.

Great road trip, Erica.  Fun – memorable – and with a great overall purpose behind it.  It reminds me that I have a pretty good little traveler on my hands here and I should really visit some more people soon 🙂

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