Team Oberdeck


In 1999, my sisters and I all graduated.  I walked across the stage on my high school football field…..and they got certificates of excellence from Kindergarten.  We all made the local “graduation” section of the newspaper.

So when I went away to college, it became a tradition for them to come visit me for a few days each year.  It started as a way for me to help out my mom – they ALL needed a break from each other from time to time! – but I have always really enjoyed that time with my sisters.  They stayed overnight in my college housing….camped with me at Alpha Phi Omega service projects…..and have even taken the train to visit me when I moved out of state.

This year, things are a little different.  They are just finishing their first year at college – all grown up – and completely swamped with their own lives.  It was my turn to visit them.  My mom asked if I wanted to attend their final choral concert of the year and it sounded like as good an excuse as any to make the trip.

We arrived just in time for the concert (neglecting to account enough time for the many bathroom breaks required), so Evelyn got to run her little tail off outside the church before the show started.  She chased bunnies & birds, collected dandelions, jumped off railings, steps, and picnic tables, and showed Papa Hank her own special rules for Hide & Seek (it’s basically just Chase).  The concert was beautiful – it completely brought me back to my own days in collegiate chorus – and I’m really glad I got to hear it.  And I actually did hear it, too – Evelyn did a great job sitting and listening…or at least playing quietly.  After each song she asked if it was over yet, and when it was over, she asked if it was her turn to sing.

I told her to go ahead, so she began, “A B C D…….”

After some walking through campus, my oldest younger sister asked to take us to a neighboring park that she loved and I was so happy to recognize it – many years ago, when they were visiting me at school, mom & I agreed to meet in Columbia for the exchange.  We got there early, so I took them to the first park I could find to run & climb….the same exact park.  I took photos, but that was back before digital cameras (can you even imagine!?), and only have one scanned in.  It’s in the gallery, S&C, for your entertainment.  What goes around, right?!

Evelyn, who had not napped that day, fell completely asleep on my shoulder shortly after demanding a cheesy sandwich from the waitress at the bar.  She ate it on the way home while watching a truly awesome midwestern lightning show on I-70.

Thanks for the tour, Sarah & Clare.  It was fun to visit YOU for a change…..looking forward to the next one!

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