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It’s been a long time – I know.  I’m working on it.  I’ve been editing a lot of photos lately – for clients, for friends, for me – and it’s been busy!  Then there’s the whole personal life thing…..

Just some random thoughts this time.  It’s a beautiful sunny afternoon and I’m on my “lunch break.”  Whatever that is.

I had a conference in Green Bay the other day – it was HANDS DOWN the WORST continuing education class I’ve ever seen.  At first I thought it was my having been out of the Social Work field for so long….but the other participants reassured me it was really that awful.  Every two years I need to acquire 30 hours of credit to retain my license to practice.  My license is up in February……6 hours down…..Oh Boy.

I had the radio on while driving through the ridiculous traffic around Lambeau Field.  I’d like to say something to the people of Green Bay.  If you call it the Severe Weather Lab, it sounds like you’re creating the severe weather.  Just sayin.

The other day, E resumed calling me by my first name.  Andrew asked her why she’s doing this – she told him it’s because she’s a Grown Up now.  That’s what grown ups call me.  When I asked her why she’s a grown up now, she told me it’s because she talks a lot – “just like grown ups do.”  A heap of trouble, this one is.  Too logical for her own good.

Evelyn’s new favorite book is an old “Book of Saints” that survived my childhood.  (It’s from my Great Aunt…who is a Nun).  She likes to look at the photos and determine if they’re girls or boys.  She’s lately taken to saying, “It’s a girl….but she’s dead.”  This is a distorted version of the conversation we had about what makes a person a Saint.  We were a little disturbed when she asked us to read about the people.  While I certainly advocate for treating children like people – not hiding things from them that they “can’t handle” (because usually they CAN), I am also a fan of age appropriateness.  I’m not sure she’s ready to hear about people being drawn and quartered yet.  Her favorite is  St Barbara, who was beheaded by her own father.  Of ALL her wonderful books on her bookshelves….!  It’s just interesting fodder for a CHILDREN’S BOOK and has been buried for a few years.  Honestly, Andrew and I got a good laugh from reading these passages out loud, in a “reading to my child” tone of voice, after she’d gone to bed.  WHAT?!

On the note of age appropriateness and treating her like a person – not a child – Evelyn has a new favorite song.  The video is attached, along with a host of other videos.  For example…you can see her fascination with Dragons & Monsters.  Playing in the park, she had me climb the tree (princess) and poor Andrew was kicked out (dragon).  Poor daddy.  And there’s the Tangles song we sing – we make it up every day to fit what she’s been up to.  “Was it paint or mud or pancakes?  What is giving me these headaches?”  And at the end….did you know that catfish like to eat cat food?  Seriously.  My brother and I spent loads of evenings “feeding” them.

Another random thought:  Turns out I was super addicted to television.  Summer hiatus hit and I was shocked to find how many shows I’d become “addicted” to.  Turns out getting rid of cable wasn’t that big a sacrifice after all!  It amazes me that the TV community can still get away with the summer hiatus….but I’m thankful for it.  Time to rediscover better ways to spend my time.

On that note, I’m looking for good book suggestions.  If you’ve got one, hit me up. Nothing that involves a lot of thinking though….I’ve got plenty of those and it IS summer, after all.

We have a meeting at E’s new school tonight.  She’ll start 3K in the fall – I can’t even believe that I’m enrolling my kid in 3K.  Talk about the things you never thought would happen to you…..when I first heard of 3K, I was astonished that children were being sent to school so young.  But, as the parent of a preschooler, I can tell you – some kids are R.E.A.D.Y.  She is totally ready for a few hours of programmed fun each day.  We’re not that interested in the educational component (though it has been examined).  E’s an extremely social creature and needs more play time with kids her age.  She loves it and I’m so excited – – – fingers crossed that she gets a good teacher!

I’d like to mention that she has gotten to the point where in response to “How old is she?” I feel I can no longer just say, “Two.”  When I do, I get funny looks.  She is pretty verbal for a two year old….she’s also pretty tiny… I think it confuses people.  I feel like I have to caveat – “She’s two, but she’ll be three in July.”  It’s something I’m working to get over.  I only get to say “She’s Two” for one year.  I’m going to enjoy that year and people can uncross their eyes on their own.
Of course, that’s when E let’s me answer the question at all.  Usually she’s on it.

We used two Pinterest finds this week that I fell madly in love with.  First – sidewalk chalk paint.  Super awesome, super quick & easy, and washes right away.  And, this pork tenderloin recipe.  Delish.  Seriously.

Also, I’ve been volunteering at the neighborhood hospital lately.  I <FINALLY> got through the vetting process (it took over a month) and have been happily helping people find their appointments.  Looks like shortly I’ll be doing something new that might utilize my SW skills a bit more – that would be great – my brain is sort of cobwebby in that department.

Hope you enjoy the video….more posts to come soon (I think).

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