Team Oberdeck

Play Dates

We’ve had a lot of lovely play dates lately.  It’s been super nice to enjoy my friends’ maternity leaves!  I saw so much more of them!!

One recent favorite was at the Urban Ecology Center – we are so very lucky to have such a resource in our neighborhood.  I had planned to meet a friend at the park, but when the weather didn’t cooperate, we quickly rerouted to the UEC.  They’ve got loads of hands-on stuff in tanks on the lower level, as well as games & books & puzzles & a super fun slide.  It made two cranky girls very happy.  

We happened to run into a friend who works there – Susan is awesome with kiddos and opened a few tanks for the girls to pet the animals.  They met Peanut, the turtle, who let my daughter poke at her legs & tail.  What a sport.  And – Susan being much braver than me – she then let Evelyn HOLD Stripey, the garter snake.  I can’t tell you how excited Evelyn was – she literally shook.  She still talks about how it “slithered on her.”  She poked at salamanders, frogs, snails, and the like.  Kiddo heaven.   I got to pull out my store of knowledge from the “Missouri Lakes & Streams” class that was mandatory in my middle school.  Seriously.  Ah….public school education……  🙂

Our second awesome play date was supposed to be just a walk….maybe lunch.  It turned into a multiple hour walk, trip to Whole Foods, trek to the park, picnic, play ground, East Side Turkey-sighting extravaganza.  We ran into other friends, ate artisinal cheese, and ogled over Sweet Sophie while watching my monkey swing around the playground, taking turns chasing her around.

Dylan was in school, so Evelyn could dote on Sophie as much as she wanted without hurting his feelings…which is good….and Erica even showed Evelyn how to HOLD the baby.  I cannot explain the happiness on her face when Erica trusted her with a REAL baby.  Of course, now she asks complete strangers pushing strollers if she can hold their babies.  Whatevs.  She’ll figure it out someday.

I am a lucky, lucky girl to have these great friends around for play dates.  I’m so thankful to live in a city – there are plenty of Things To Do at all times – and for my friends – who are always up for something….could be anything…..even at the last minute – and most of all for my little girl, who seems to sparkle all the time.

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