Team Oberdeck

Play With Your Food.

I’m hoping to clean up my backlog of posts-I-haven’t-posted this evening.  We shall see how far I get.

A few weeks ago, I was having A Morning.  You know the kind – can’t find your keys, late for a meeting, babysitter cancelled so you scramble with the kiddo, etc.  I wound up pulling in to a play date later in the morning and received this text from my hubs:  “Landed.  Love you.”

This is the text he always sends me when his plane touches down somewhere.  Happy to know that he’s safely on the ground….the problem is…..I had no idea where he was.  ?!

It took me a full few minutes to piece my memory back together and recall all the times he’d told me about the quick trip he needed to make to Omaha for a meeting – flying in and home the same day.  He’d mentioned it no less than ten times, including the night before.  It was official – I’d lost it.

I needed a reset button.  Coming home late in the evening from a long day of ridiculous travel (it was truthfully very necessary, but in this day of telecommunications, I find one-day-trips to seem silly), Andrew didn’t need to find me still stewing from my Bad Morning Funk.

I pulled up Pinterest.  Of course.  I found paint recipes.  A quick mix of milk and food coloring and – voila – we painted bread.  I think this was my favorite Pinterest find yet.  SO EASY.  No prep time – very little clean up time – loads of fun – and best of all – totally non toxic 🙂

Instead of finding me in my crab-tastic mood, Andrew walked in to Evie happily splattering away on some hot dog rolls that were almost “toast” anyway.

The next morning we had grilled cheese for breakfast.  Happy mama – happy daughter – happy life.  Enjoy!

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