Team Oberdeck

Yup. We’re Still Crazy.

Andrew and I like to attempt seemingly foolish projects.  We like to pretend that we’re still young, unattached (except for each other), and up for anything.  And sometimes, we are.  Sometimes we also have to prove it to ourselves.

A few weekends ago, we had NOTHING planned for an entire Sunday.  We thought we’d go to church….and then NOTHING.  So Saturday evening, Andrew says, “You know how we’ve been wanting to take Evelyn down to Shedd for awhile now?”  You can guess where it went from there.

We came home from church and I made the following lunch:  

Once Evie figured out that her lunch was an octopus, I asked her if she’d like to see a REAL octopus….AND Baby Beluga.  Gigantic Eyes.  Clapping Hands.  Squeals.  So we threw some things in the car and drove down to Chicago.  

It thunder stormed the entire way down and was threatening to start up again….when we entered The Queue.  The line was hours long.  Turns out, though, that getting ONE membership pass also entitles us to a Guest Pass, and Evelyn was free.  That one membership cost less than $10 more than two adult single-day entries, covered all of us, and enabled us to skip the line.

The show was not what I’d remembered – it was something you really needed to pay attention to – not just a Spectacle.  I applaud their efforts at educating the public, but it did not keep Evie’s attention.  

She wound up in the sling for most of the trip – it was crowded and she wasn’t listening very well, but once in the sling, the trip went from “Uh Oh” to “Awesome”.  (that’s why there aren’t MORE photos!)  The shark tank, however, was a huge success.  She loved a lot of the exhibits – her eyes lit up in every hallway – and even Andrew and I found ourselves saying, “What IS that, anyway?!” a number of times. Gigantic crabs – huge aquariums – seahorses and starfish and stingrays – just incredible.  It was like scuba diving without having to worry about the pesky air tanks.  It brought back amazing memories of the Great Barrier Reef off Cairns & the Ambergris Caye in Belize & our “backyard” in Rarotonga, Cook Islands.  I’ve been amazingly lucky to see some incredible reefs in my life – it does my heart good to share some of those stories with Evelyn, even at her young age.

When we left, it was time for dinner.  Where would YOU go after looking at all those fish?  Why, of course….Joe’s Crab Shack.  Some friends of ours will find humor in that….we have capitulated into Family Friendly Dining.  😀  It was truthfully a ton of fun – Evie got Andrew to go dance with her and the waitress to some Beach Boys….they gave her a plastic shark….she danced in the booth throughout dinner and ate her meal during the car ride home.

We won’t always be able to pick up and GO to Shedd or the like.  But for now, we can, so we do.  Lucky are we, my family.  

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