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Garden 2012 : Totally Revamped!

It’s about that time of year for a post on my garden.  In years past, I’ve shared a plot at a community garden up the street, but that has never really worked out too well.  Despite my best intentions, it’s REALLY hard to get much done up there.  All we got was what grew despite my gardening.

This year, we rehauled our backyard.  Remember This Post on using the space you have?  I created a garden space.  Sure, it meant that I removed some landscaping.  Years ago it looked lovely – after six years of neglect, all that was left were rocks and sedum.  Bleh.  There was one giant succulent that was too happy to remove….so he’s still there.  I hope he realizes how good he’s got it….his little buddies are compost!  <maniacal laughter – maniacal laughter>

We had a small hiccup back in April when we discovered that this piece of our yard was actually on our neighbors’ property.  They had wanted to reclaim it…but to our surprise, we wound up getting a garden in after all.  Don’t worry – they have a bag of cucumbers coming to them later this summer!

It’s been loads of fun.  Fingers are crossed…..I served my first From The Garden salad this evening.  There are lots of lovely little sprouts coming up….rocket, beans, zucchini, cucumbers, beets, carrots, peas, and spinach…..but I am going to have to do something about those bunnies!

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