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Gardens Need Bling

When you’ve got a garden….you want it to rain.  When you have a kiddo… don’t want rain.  Rainy days are hard.

But, when you’ve got a garden, you can find things to do FOR your garden from INSIDE the house.  Or, at least, that’s what we did.

We planted most of our greenery from seed, which is a pretty tough concept for a two year old.  I thought making some markers for the ground would help her remember what went where.  If it also helps me….well….added bonus. 

Having removed all those rocks from our previous Rock Bed Landscaping, we kept a handful of smaller stones for markers.  After thorough washing, a little paint, and some permanent marker, we’re all set.  

Of course, the rest of Evie got painted, too.  That happens.

Off to find the pinwheels from last year.  I know they’re around here somewhere…..

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One thought on “Gardens Need Bling

  1. ginny oberdeck on said:

    what a great idea! you are so creative and inclusive of Evelyn! Way to go!

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