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Memorial Day GetAway

I know.  Memorial Day is about something MUCH more important than my own family vacations…..let that be said.  I get it.  I have friends in the service – my dad is a retired National Guardsman – there is nothing greater than remembering those who give their time, talent, loved ones, and even lives for our country.

That said.  We went on vacation for Memorial Day.

Someone once told me somewhere….Marriages take work.  Did you know that?  I keep hearing it.  Turns out it’s true.  After seven years of wedded bliss, it was time for us to be really intentional about our time away.  Life was getting to us.  We were both working too hard – the hours were too long – and more often than not, we’d collapse into bed with barely a word to each other beyond, “what time do you….” and “so-and-so wants us to….” and “E has a …..”.  Many know this syndrome.  The “I can’t live without you, but I don’t have time to actually appreciate you right now” syndrome.  It hits us all sooner or later.  It leads to fighting and short tempers and general irritability.  It leads me to wearing sweatpants places I swore I would NEVER wear them (like, anywhere outside the house) and Andrew to fall asleep with his phone in his hand (*slight exaggeration).

So what’s the cure?  For us, it’s getting away.  It’s turning off the phones, ignoring email, and doing NOTHING but enjoying each other’s company for a few wonderful days.  It doesn’t have to be a long or particularly adventurous trip, but we often need to get out of town to hit the ReSet button.

So we did.  On Memorial Day, we did some celebrating and took off to beautiful Lake Geneva.  We’ve heard how simply mah-velous this area of Wisconsin is, but hadn’t checked it out yet.  Turns out, it’s lovely.  We found a great deal at this Resort and stayed for the extended weekend.  It even fit with our Rule #1 in traveling w/ E – Must Have Outdoor Space.  For our sanity, we need some sort of escape space once E has dozed off.  It’s crucial.  We had a fridge, room service, and a patio – totally set.

We spent the weekend canoeing – swimming in the pool – lounging on the patio – bike riding – picnicking – exploring Downtown Lake Geneva – and even went Rock Climbing.  Seriously.  Andrew, it turns out, is pretty good at it!  Evelyn took her first pony ride and spent some time at a nearby farm, visiting with the Tony the Pony, some chicks, ducklings, and the like.  It was really lovely.

We’re lucky.  When we need to get away, we can.  There is no shortage of places to go no matter how few days we have.  Thankfully, I married a man who values “exploring” as much as I do – together, we managed to let it all fall away and just enjoy our little family for awhile.  No worrying about the future – no stress about current workload – no dishes or laundry or what that funny smell is coming from …. (*downside to homeownership – there always seems to be a smell of some sort…).  Just us – more than enough.

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