Team Oberdeck

Mother’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner….and this year I’m actually ready for it!  E is very excited to celebrate – she loves any excuse for cookies and singing special songs to Daddy!

I thought I’d go back and share my favorite photo from Mother’s Day.  No, it’s not of me & Evelyn.  I have plenty of those.  Truthfully, I don’t like Mother’s Day.  I haven’t for decades.  While being a mother is a gift that I treasure – more than most will ever know – and I’m fortunate to have a wonderful mother who is so supportive of me, I can’t help but think of those who desperately want to be mothers.  There are so many among us waiting – for the right man, for the right time, for the doctors to get it right, for the adoption agency to call – so many who associate Mother’s Day with grief and loss.

I know this is a huge downer post.  That’s why I didn’t post it on Mother’s Day.  Andrew did a good job putting together a nice day with quality time, quiet time, and even beautiful weather (he’s just that amazing!).  Still, I wound up with this cloud over my head all day.  When I look back, though, this picture is exactly what I want to remember of Mother’s Day:  My miracle, exploring the world.  Life isn’t easy, and parenthood has its ups and downs….but I really am lucky.

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