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Father’s Day – A Dry Run

Two weeks ago, I mentioned Father’s Day to Andrew.  I thought I was super on-the-ball….until he said, “Oh.  That’s next week.  I almost forgot.”  Thinking that – per usual – I’d gotten the dates wrong, I quickly replied, “Right.  Sure is.”  Then I started scurrying about, making sure that I had his gifts wrapped on time.

Last Sunday I had an early photo shoot.  I rolled over and wished Andrew a Happy Father’s Day….prodded Evelyn to sleep in a little longer for him…..and even coached her a little bit about how it was a special day for Daddy.  I went so far as to wish my client, a Dad, a “Happy Father’s Day” – to which he replied, “Right.  That’s next week already, isn’t it?”


Turns out we were both wrong.  My whole family had the calendar off.  Andrew maintains…and I agree….that he shouldn’t have to keep track of his own holiday.  It was my bad for not double checking with my BFF, good ol’ Google.

At any rate, we’re very prepared for this Father’s Day.  Evelyn is SUPER excited and ready to celebrate her awesome daddy for the day.  And, we’ve got the trial run under our belts for this year!

Just a few photos from our “Father’s Day Weekend” trip to Kohler-Andrae beach.  Perhaps one of my favorite family outings of the year.  So awesome, in fact, that I didn’t stop to take many photos!


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