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Last weekend Andrew and I pulled one of our “typical” Get Up And Go  weekends – Friday afternoon I left a play date at the zoo and drove out to the Kettle Moraine to secure a last-minute camp site.  What better way to spend Father’s Day than camping, right?!   Thus followed….

High:  I got the tent set up BY MYSELF while Evelyn watched a Sesame Street podcast in the car.  We made record time back to Milwaukee where we picked up Andrew from work.

Low:  Instead of our typical 2 Hour Window for “Throwing $*!% In The Car”, it took almost 3….which means we were almost out of daylight before getting back to our site.

High:  There is a grocery store just five minutes from the campground.  Huge mark in the Plus column.

Low:  Someone spilled a carton of milk at the store and I managed to totally wipe out in it.  I’d already pulled my back earlier in the week…recovered….run a 5k…..and this set me back quite a ways recovering.  I dreaded sleeping on the ground.

High:  Sleeping in the tent with my family.  Evelyn LOVES the tent.  L.O.V.E.S. it.  I can’t tell you how much – it’s awesome.

Low:  Trying to actually sleep in the tent.  See back issues….

Low:  Had to pee in the middle of the night.  The BIGGEST detractor for me when camping is the restroom situation.  Eww.

High:  Got to use our new nifty snifty headlamps.  How did we ever function before those?!

Low:  Waking up.  See back problems – again.

High:  Coffee was already made, and donuts were purchased.  Husband is a God.

High:  Evelyn slept until after 8am.  So very thankful for our beautiful shady spot and the clouds that kept the sun from beating down at 6am.

The rest of Saturday was mostly spent dodging rain showers and working kinks out of my back.  Blech.  Andrew and Evelyn really enjoyed the movie we wound up seeing…..and I’ll take sitting in a movie theatre over hiking with a kiddo in the rain any day.  The absolute highlight of my day – perhaps the whole trip – was biking along the Glacial Drumlin Trail.  It’s flat – big plus – and with the nasty weather in the distance, the landscape was far more striking than a typical Wisconsin Farmscape.  It was also nice that Andrew’s parents drove all the way out to our campsite with our nephew so he could play with Evelyn for a little bit.

About 7:30pm, after Ethan and the Grandparents left, I took a hungry, dirty, over-tired kiddo to the pottys.  The hardest part of camping is the Potty Situation – a newly trained kiddo is even less likely to use a Pit Stop than ME!  So, knowing she was due, we hung out at the playground and bided our time until she was ready…..and low and behold….she had an accident.  I know, I know….it’s not nice of me to “air her dirty laundry” and all….but it was her first in a loooooong time and it sent me over the top.  Just as I was going through the upcoming hours in my head – another buggy shower….cleaning up the pants…..trying to get some food in her after her Dinner Hour had passed…..sleeping in the muggy tent w/ the rain tarp…..Andrew wondered under his breath….  “Maybe we should just go home.”

We never admit defeat.  Never.  Except this once.

It took me all of five minutes deliberation to decide we were finished.  We’d packed up the tent and were back home in two hours.  Evelyn ate in the car on the way, screaming all the while, with me feeling like a horrible parent for taking away a child’s fun.  That night, as she lay whimpering in bed about how she wanted her tent back, it thundered.  LOUDLY.  Finally, she understood – if it’s that loud in the house, would she really want to be in a tent for that?!  She was sawing logs not ten minutes later.

It’s OK to call Uncle every so often.  We have great memories of this trip and are super excited about our next camping adventure….this time with some friends.  <Insert Adage about how it’s better to move on than to not try at all HERE>

By the way – Andrew spent his REAL Father’s Day mopping the floors in our house, by his choice.  He said he was up for some good old fashioned, roll up the sleeves, get dirty cleaning kinda housework.  Leaving our lovely, clean, house, we had a dinner right up his alley – beer, wings, and quesadillas on a rooftop patio.  Spectacular.

A few thoughts on our recent trip:

1.  It was lovely to drive through Wisconsin and NOT see political billboards every ten seconds.  We only saw one…and that family/person was clearly crazy.  Clearly.  😉

2.  Camping is AWESOME…..with the rain fly off.  For years I was so proud of our indomitable tent that kept us dry even when the Rangers were circling the campgrounds with severe thunderstorm warnings.  Now, when I hear “rain” in the forecast, all I can think of is sweltering from a lack of breeze under the pelting torrents.  I must be getting old.

3.  Speaking of getting old, next trip I’m packing the muscle relaxers.  Growing up means getting a really nice mattress at home…..which means I’m far too spoiled to sleep on the ground.  <sigh>

4.  Evelyn has been “camping” in a play tent in her bedroom ever since.  I can’t decide whether this idea makes us the awesomest parents ever….or the most guilt-able.  It makes me really look forward to our next trip!

5.  Showers and Spiders do not go together.  Ever.

6.  My kid brought her stuffed purple snake camping with her to scare away the wasps.  She is awesome.

7.  Anyone know where “Calling Uncle” comes from?  I remember the game Pea-knuckle and all….but of all things, why do we call “Uncle?”

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