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Another Weekend….In the Tent

Another weekend, another camping trip!  We’ve been serious use from our tent already – usually we average 2 trips per camping season, but this year we’re already planning our third!

Every year our friends invite a few families on a group camping trip – perhaps to their dismay, this has become something we look forward to each year.  This, our third year running, was another success as far as I’m concerned.

Since I need to earn my Super Slacker award each trip with some sort of malfunction, this year I decided to NOT reserve a campsite.  Oops.  By the time I remembered, the popular Devil’s Lake State Park our friends had booked was full.  Boo.  Thankfully, we found a site at Mirror Lake, not far away.  It worked out to our benefit.  We peacefully drifted off to sleep – first Andrew, then Evelyn, then finally me – all three tucked into our giant 4-person tent – after a leisurely set-up and dinner in the dreaded Wisconsin Dells on Friday night.

Saturday we packed up and headed over to Devil’s Lake to meet up with friends.  It took forever to get going.  <Mostly My Fault>  Did you know that it IS possible to sleep in while camping?  Evie and I both surpassed the 8am mark!  Again!  When we got there, we found that our friends did not have such a good night sleeping with their kiddos…..making us more relieved than annoyed to be camping so far away 😉

Some canoeing, some picnicking, some hiking, and a short trek up a mountain filled the day.  Topped off with our friends cooking dinner, ice cream, and s’mores – it doesn’t get much better.  I was so impressed with Andrew and Kyle – they managed to climb up 500′ in .4 miles (that’s a pretty steep uphill) with 30lb toddlers strapped to their backs.  Let’s also give a round of applause to Ann, who did the same at 7+ months pregnant!  The G family also managed to navigate a seriously tricky trail with their stroller – not what we expected when we read “paved trail” in the guide book.

We thought we’d get a bike ride in before heading back to Devil’s Lake to lunch / hike with our friends, but again, Evie and I slept in.  We put in a 16ish miles on the 400 Mile Trail.  While I thoroughly enjoy spending an afternoon with Andrew and Evelyn biking, the Farmscapes definitely started to get repetitive.  It’s pretty in it’s way, don’t get me wrong – but the best part of this trail was that we were the only ones it, aside from loads of butterflies.  They were everywhere – – – that was lovely.

Enough chat.  More photos!!  <The normal looking photos are thanks to Ann….Andrew and I only used our phones on this trip>

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