Team Oberdeck


My daughter is an extremely social creature.  She adores her friends.  I happily accepted when Lisa asked me to keep an eye on Claire for a little while a few weeks ago.  I’d already had a play date on the books, so Helen and I took charge of three 2-year olds and her newborn.  Such fun.  They played – a lot – and then we trekked over to Alterra by the Lake for some lunch and a dance party.  That’s right, a dance party.  Apparently Mr. Tom Petty inspires the wee ones to boogie woogie.

I managed to get three 2-year-old girls into the potty in one trip without any accidents or funny business.  It is one of my proudest accomplishments.  Seriously.

While waiting in line (yes, I did even have to wait in line with the girls, which was easy enough when we played, Hold Still…..Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle…..thank you Yo Gabba Gabba!), more than one person asked me if they were triplets.  I thought that was funny, as there is NO resemblance between the girls, except that they are all girls.  I cannot even imagine having triplets.  Whoa.

Some photos….and some video…..because the girls are just that adorable.  Enjoy!

Pretty typical of the afternoon – one tot cooing to Baby Oscar, while the other two run like chickens around the designated perimeter. Makes me smile to look at it!

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