Team Oberdeck

Tour of the Dairyland

Once a year, I follow bike racing.  I do like to watch the Tour de France, but that’s mostly to see the scenery.  I don’t really follow the whole Team Biking thing.  I get it, but I don’t really get it.  Whatevs.

But, once a year, the Tour of America’s Dairyland comes through MY neighborhood.  It’s a full day of nonstop bike racing – one event after another – with amateurs starting at 10am, culminating the pro race around 7pm.  Just before the pros, the neighborhood kids get a chance to race as well, with different groupings of ages trucking down a few blocks.  It’s awesome.  There are food trucks and pop up Alterra stands and tons of neighborhood peeps out for the party.  We don’t plan our summer around it, but we are always happy when we’re home for it.

While Andrew was taking his car in to the shop on Saturday morning (Evelyn had decided to stuff some money into the CD slot while camping last weekend….Bummer!), we girls walked down to the Farmer’s Market.  The timing was perfect – we saw the first race take off and Evelyn earned herself a sucker for being so darn cute.  She made it all the way to the market with her sucker & a dandelion – what a happy little peanut she was!  Later that afternoon, Andrew’s sister and our nephew came down for the fun.  We explored the kiddie games and found my dear friend Stacy painting faces – Evelyn was so disappointed to find her beautiful flower washed off in the bath that night!  She loved it 🙂  Later we met up with more friends – new neighbors across the street – and parked on their lawn with their kiddos to watch the pros go.  The kiddos cheered and we had a great time – low key, relaxed, but definitely not part of the “ordinary”.

Just a few photos – I didn’t even get out the big camera this year…the two “good” shots are from previous years.  Truthfully, it looks pretty much the same each time, so I decided I had enough photos of the cyclists and spectated, instead.

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