Team Oberdeck

A Walk

Evelyn and I love to walk on trails, and in our neighborhood (and the surrounding ones) there are tons to choose from.  We really haven’t scratched the surface.  We call it “exploring” and meander along, checking out the flowers & wildlife & whatnot.  It’s one of my favorite ways to spend those tricky hours of 3-5pm when her refusing-to-nap-but-still-too-little-to-go-all-day self just melts down.  It’s a challenging transition for both of us, as we both really enjoyed her long naps.  This has been a great diversion.

This little trail is new – Andrew and I used to run along part of it in our pre-baby days, but now it’s fully developed and even paved.  It runs right along the river, past some new dorms for UW-Milwaukee.We passed countless students biking to classes, which made for some great conversation topics for Evie and me about school and growing up and becoming independent.Jeepers, I hope she doesn’t rush into that growing-up business.

My favorite find on this walk was the sidewalk graffiti – there were lots of things about “seeking truth” painted along the first part of the path…..but this one seemed the most appropriate for my girl.She’s so interested in everything – climbing all the rocks & walls – asking about all the flowers – pointing out every spider web & caterpillar.  She’s actually getting to a place I recognize; the “I remember being fascinated by…..” piece of parenting is kicking in.All along the way were thistles, just coming into bloom.  I just love them.  The way I see it, they’re the most amazing just before they come into full bloom.  Insert whatever metaphor for life you like.

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