Team Oberdeck

July 4

Just wanted to post a few photos from the 4th – it was a spectacularly low-key holiday for us.  We’d been planning to drive down to St Louis that morning, but with the extreme heat and our general exhaustion, we changed our plans and sort of forgot to tell anyone.  😉  Andrew’s sister and brother-in-law were in town from Seattle, so we had breakfast with them, and pretty much just bummed around the house the rest of the day.  A little movie time, an afternoon nap, a long walk, some beer & nachos at one of our favorite patios – all capped off with some fireworks down the bluff.  We walked down as they were starting and found a great spot on the beach – it was really far away (and I didn’t bring my zoom, so the shots aren’t so awesome – not to mention the tripod+sand+tot combo!), but that helped keep Evelyn from freaking out about the noise.  It’s a troublesome place for her – she LOVES fireworks, but HATES the noise.  This was a great compromise.  We missed the beginning and didn’t stay for the finale, but we did see about 20 minutes of the show (which, in my opinion, is plenty!) – the beach was quiet and not too crowded – and we had a wonderful time!!

My family was equally impressed with the full moon rising over the lake.

Fireworks to the south, amazing moon-on-the-water to the east, a nice breeze blowing, all after taking a day to do whatever we wanted – what a great way to celebrate this amazing country of ours.  Happy Independence Day!

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