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Yes, we all know that I’m obsessed with Pinterest.  It truly helps me while away so many hours when I’m fed up with bonbons and glasses of wine.  Ha!

I’ve been so completely crazy busy these past two weeks – entirely of my own making, admittedly – that I haven’t been on Pinterest at all.  At All.  Didn’t even think of it.  But I did pop on this evening, after sorting out laundry and the like, and this was the first item that popped Charlotte Trounce

What a great tidbit.

Evie and I have been in three states in two weeks with countless hours of driving – I’ve been traveling during the week and working on the weekends, completely throwing me for a loop – we’ve been up late and sleeping in and eating all manner of fried foods / alcoholic beverages (OK, that last one is mostly geared toward me) – and it’s been awesome.  I’ve met some great families, visited wonderful friends, enjoyed the company of some of my favorite people – my family – welcome dear friends back to the States and said goodbye to others moving home, gotten some solid work in, and thoroughly enjoyed 85% of my road trips.

When your travel companion is newly Three, 85% is HUGE.  Astronomical.

People ask me all the time – do you prefer flying or driving?  What’s the easiest way to travel?  What do you do to keep it going smoothly?

There is no good answer, my friends.  When our little peanut arrived, our entire outlook on travel changed.  It had to.  We evolved from “lets get there and get started” kinda folks to “we’ll get there.  lets get started” kinda folks.  There is a monumental difference.  You can’t roll your eyes at “I NEED TO GO PEE!” breaks.  Well, you can, but it doesn’t do anyone any good.  You have to make the most of it.  You have to expect that it will take eons longer to travel than it “normally” would – though, let’s face it, welcome to your new normal!  Where typically I would have grumbled at having to get off the highway so close to Minneapolis, instead I was thrilled to find that the rest area had a little trail for hiking.  Evie and I took an unexpected 15 minute hike.  Totally fun.  When the ridiculous hail storm derailed us in Normal, IL, we took a break at the local Walmart and got some back-to-school shopping accomplished.  When life throws you lemons…etc etc….

It’s the little things.  It’s in the approach.  It’s in the attitude.  It’s not just about getting there – – – it’s about enjoying the ride.   Honestly, I wished I’d lived this way long before I’d had a baby, and that I could keep this more in mind outside of traveling.

“Life is what happens while you’re busy making plans.” John Lennon.

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