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I know.  It’s been forever.  Life is like that sometimes.

Since I’ve been here last, Evelyn turned three.  THREE.  I can barely believe it.  Years keep flying by – it’s exactly as my Mogo used to warn me.  She used to tell me, “I know it seems like an eternity now, but just you wait.  Just you wait.”  I was too busy telling her that I hated waiting to understand….

We had a fantastic Birthday Week around here – we saw almost everyone nearest and dearest to her within a few weeks of The Big Day.  I really love doing a whole Birthday Week with her – she gets SO excited about it that putting the emphasis on one day only seems like a huge letdown.  Doing a whole week gives me time for really special moments – some time with just me, or just Andrew, or our little family, or with her friends – it takes the pressure off.  It also leaves me exhausted by the end and ready to wait another year for more fun!

Below are some snippets from her birthday celebrations.  It was truly a wonderful week.  When we finally got around to doing thank you cards, we went all out – our friends & family deserve all the love we can give them.  They are truly wonderful people, and I thank them all for the way they shower my girl with love.

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