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I have no rhyme or reason to why I travel.  I do it just because I can.  I’m very well aware that my life won’t always look like this – no set-schedule job, no compulsory elementary education, and friends/family spread near & far.  Well, I hope I will always have such a wealth of friends/family to visit……but you know.

There are such things going on in my life that help me to appreciate the NOW of my world.  The RIGHT NOW.  Not the plans – not the mistakes already made – not the waiting-for-the-right-time.  So, when I find a block of time, it doesn’t take much more than a lame-o excuse to get me packing.

Right after E’s birthday – as in about 24 hours after my parents & sister left town – I was on the road to Minnesota.  I have a friend in the twin cities (multiple friends, but one in particular) that I’ve known since elementary school.  E and I were able to take three days and get in a visit.  It was awesome to see her – I hadn’t seen her since her wedding – and get to know her husband a little bit better.  This was her first time meeting my daughter, which was really special.

I was home for a weekend, and then, quite spontaneously, took off for St Louis.  Seriously.  I know my parents thought I was nuts!  But there were two really important events going on:  I REALLY wanted to get to a Cardinals game this year, and our dearest friends had just moved back from New Zealand.  I desperately wanted to meet their newest addition and see their faces again.  When I caught up with them, we pretty much sat in the basement and chatted while the grandparents watched the kiddos……and it was perfect.  I couldn’t even be bothered to take photos. More on that later…..

AND – my sisters just started another year in college.  My sisters are awesome and any trip that includes a Sausage Breakfast at Bob Evans with them is a winner for me!  They love me enough not to look down on me for my love affair with Sausage Gravy.  So gross…..but so delicious……..

It’s awesome to be able to pack up and go.  It really is.  But there are so many things that I miss out on, too.  My roommates from college were trying to get together the weekend between my two trips….but the way it all worked out….I couldn’t leave E for the weekend.  So, pluses and minuses.  I am free to travel fairly often, but only if I travel Avec Bebe.

Then again, after I got home, my business calendar blew up and I’ve been happily under a swamp of editing ever since!  My suitcase is safely stored away for the time being….I think we’ll happily be home for the next few weeks or so.  I think.  No promises.  😉

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