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My Birthday

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By the time we get through Evelyn’s birthday, I’m just about fed up with them.

Just in time for my own.  Ha!

This year, Andrew sort-of surprised me with a really awesome experience – sailing on the S/V Denis Sullivan.  We’ve been wanting to do this since we first moved to Milwaukee.  It didn’t disappoint.  I was a bit wary when I saw how many people went on as passengers, but it was super serene and peaceful.  I really needed that.  It was a cloudy day – a little breeze – perfect for being out on the water.  I think Andrew was worried that I wasn’t enjoying myself enough because I didn’t ask 1,000 questions.  He forgets that I’m not him 🙂  I loved the tranquility of sailing on the water – the way the huge boat plowed through the water – and even the air show didn’t cause enough commotion to ruin that for me.

We did pull our own weight, by the way.  I helped to hoist the sails (which really did take some effort!!) and Evelyn got to help steer the boat.  Our captain was exactly as a sailboat captain should be – laid back, witty, a little goofy, and completely capable when it counts (like trying to parallel park a giant boat next to a museum).  I’d highly recommend it to anyone.

Happy birthday to me!

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