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This year we planted a new garden and I just KNOW you’re dying to hear about it.  Right?!  I knew it!

It’s been going really well.  Given the incredible heat we had this summer, I’m shocked that we’ve gotten things to grow.  Extra thanks to our yard work guy – yes, living in a condo has it’s perks! – who came and did extra watering.  Even more thanks to my parents who installed the gigantic stakes.  The beans and the tomatoes outgrew my pitiful stands in quick time.  Evelyn has been helping me weed and FINALLY learned the difference between a green & red tomato.  Finally.  She still won’t eat either unless cooked into mush (i.e. tomato sauce).  I’ve attached photos – we just finished planting our final round of veggies.  We’ve got more greens, a second round of peas & beets, and some carrots coming up already.  Evelyn seems to enjoy gardening as much as me – the great gardening books she’s received from friends Stacy & Lisa really help (we love Lois Ehlert around here!).

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