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Princess Cupcakes

We’ve been afflicted with Princess Fever here for a few months.  It’s getting pretty old, honestly.  At least for her birthday E got some NEW princess items to obsess over, including this Disney Princess Cookbook.  Seriously.  I’ll admit it – I rolled my eyes a little inwardly, but my mom really knew her granddaughter when she picked it out. Evelyn combs through it almost every day and dreams up new reasons to make each item.

So, when some very good friends of ours had a baby,  we got to pull out the book for the first time.  It was quite an event.  

She was in a new outfit (thank you, Auntie Christy!), used her Magic Wand, and picked out her favorite ones (after I ruled out the really hards ones) – the Beauty & The Beast cupcakes.  We even turned on some Disney Pandora for “mood music” and rocked out to some “Belle music.”

They were delicious.    

Of course, I’d have eaten these cupcakes – princess or not!!!

Evelyn’s friend, the new Big Sister, is a big fan of princesses, too.  She could identify with some of the excitement over these cupcakes.  🙂  Mostly, though, we just wanted an excuse to snuggle this new little bundle of joy!  I think the book may make its second appearance in the kitchen very soon – – – for the first day of school!

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2 thoughts on “Princess Cupcakes

  1. ginny oberdeck on said:

    can you make some of those cupcakes for Gigi and Papa John and Grandma Great?

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