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So, I took this video a few weeks ago.  I was busily compiling orders and generally ignoring my dear daughter….when at one point I tuned in and caught her singing songs from The Little Mermaid.  I’ll admit it – I’m not above putting on Disney / Muppet Pandora and letting her have a few minutes of “quiet time” while I get something done.  I had no idea how quickly she’d pick up the songs!

As of today, she can pretty much sing this whole song.  She’s also got a significant chunk of some Beauty & The Beast & Tangled under her belt.  I believe I also heard some Mulan & Pocahontas…..and she definitely pulled out some “Am I A Man or Muppet” on us in the car yesterday.

Nothing beats hearing a teeny tiny three year old soprano belting, “Am I a MAAAAAAAANNNNNN??  or am I a Muppet???”

This video is really quiet.  Sorry about that.  Just crank it up.

I try to let her develop her own interests & hobbies, not impose my own stuff on her – – – but if she wants to be musical, well, that’s just plain awesome.

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