Team Oberdeck

S&*T Just Got Serious.

I’m still shaking.  I have just sent an email effectively ending my business in Milwaukee.  It’s SO surreal.

We’re moving.  We’re really doing it.  My sympathy for the the awful feeling eating away at my husband over the past few weeks has just grown – again.  If you know my husband, he pours everything he has into each task he takes on.  He’s not content to write a memo – it has to be the best memo anyone has ever seen.  When he submits minutes to the church council, they’re three pages of annotated, detailed, precise information.  For him to admit he does NOT want to progress to the next step is, quite frankly, astounding.  It’s monumental.  I find it admirable.

So we’re moving.  Soon.  WHAT?!?!

Admittedly, I’m terrified.  I miss my friends here already – even going through the process of cleaning out closets and making the Take/Give/Sell piles feels lonely.  I’ve said goodbye to many friends over the years and understand being on the other side of our news.  But this is stressful – it’s exhausting – and every time I open my mouth to whine, I remind myself that this is BY CHOICE.

Moving away is the thing someone does when they’re not happy.  It implies that one does not like their life.  That is not at all our truth.  We love our community here.  We love our neighborhood.  We’ve loved the unexpected opportunities we’ve been given – my business, our church, our daughter’s school, and the relationships we’ve built.  We’ve been very happy here.

But we don’t have the time as a family that we want.  It’s something we could overlook – something we could just deal with for the next who-knows-how-long, as many do.  But truthfully, not having that base infects everything else we do.  It’s time to fix it – the opportunity has come to hit the “reset” button, and we both feel we must take it.

However hard it is to say goodbye.

And there are great opportunities in store.  We have friends in Seattle already, and our awesome community here is busily setting us up with new contacts.  We fell in love with the area six years ago and are so excited for the family-time in store – hiking in the mountains – island hopping – visiting with Captain Jim on San Juan 🙂  And the seafood…..oh my……yes, we are excited, too.

I think the see saw won’t fully tip until we’re on our way to the coast.  Until then, we’ll look at the things we’ll miss most every single day.  At least – at the very least – I didn’t expect to live here forever.  I can say goodbye to this part of my life feeling like I enjoyed it as much as I could.  Change is inevitable, and I know that while I didn’t cross EVERYthing off my to-do list in Milwaukee, I fully lived my life here.  I engaged.  I appreciated.  I was / am grateful.  It’s good that it’s so hard to say goodbye – it means we truly lived our lives here.

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