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So, I’ve been taking photos of the various stages of our move, but I only shoot in RAW these days.  It’s never been a problem before….but currently my computer is en route to Seattle with my husband.  I have no way to read the files on this computer.  BUMMER!  So, here’s  a lovely photo from back in July.  You get what you get, folks.  🙂

Andrew’s been on the road for the last few days, slowly but surely making his way to our new hometown.  Being the selfless husband that he is, he’s driving one of our cars over so that I can fly with Evelyn next week…leaving just one car here, which the moving company will transport per our agreement.  Thanks to his sacrifice of a few days to the Road Gods, neither of us will have to suffer a multi-day road trip with our three-year-old.  She’s an amazing traveller, but we also know not to push her THAT far!  She’s got enough to deal with right now.

This morning, while making breakfast for my daughter, and missing my husband terribly (Saturday morning breakfast is a THING in my home), I saw it from a new side.  We are making this change so that Andrew can find a better balance in his life (among other things).  He has always worked really hard to be present as a husband and father, along with going above and beyond at work.  It’s been a struggle, but I have seen how hard he worked to make it happen, and he really did a great job at juggling.

Except when it came to Personal Time.  In giving everything he has to me, E, and his job, he had nothing left for himself.  There wasn’t any time for him to recharge.  He used to have some time in the morning before E and I woke up, but now that she’s in school we’ve invaded that space, too.  So it’s really fitting that he’s starting this new chapter in his life on his own.  While it still stinks that he’s stuck in a car, he can at least hear himself think.  He doesn’t have to keep an eye on his email or stop to send a memo – he doesn’t have to check in with anyone (except me) or listen to “my” music.  He can overload on podcasts and NPR.  He can even construct entire meals out of G2s and M&Ms if he wants.  It’s his time.

Not only is this something I should get used to….but it’s something I should really encourage.

I love how people keep saying, “Life’s about to change for you, huh?”  Nope.  Not really.  Life started changing – Big Time – about 30 seconds after we made the final decision.  But I suppose, yes, because as with everything, changes just keep coming.

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