Team Oberdeck

My Helper

Andrew left Milwaukee a week ago.  I wasn’t scheduled to leave until the following Tuesday.  I had about three pages of To Do list to get through in that amount of time…..but no worries.  I had Mothers’ Helpers and friends and family scheduled to help out and was confident it would all happen.

When Andrew arrived in Seattle, the first thing he did was walk through an open house.  He called me immediately and said, “I have no idea if we can do it, but this house is the total package.”  All told, I wound up flying out a day early to see this house.  It was awesome….and we did not get it….more on that later.  Maybe.

The fun part, though, was calling in the troops on Sunday so I could be ready to fly on Monday afternoon.  Having had a tearful morning at church and leaving with a pounding headache, E and I were content to lunch at Via and nap the rest of the afternoon away.  When this decision was made, I flew into Kick Ass mode.  It really is amazing how much a person can accomplish in one day, when a deadline is so rapidly approaching.  Not only did I need to pack our bags, but I needed to leave our house spotless.  Closets needed to look organized.  Rooms needed to be vacuumed.  Dishes needed to be clean AND put away, as did laundry.  Our house lends itself to easy-cleaning, thankfully, and our friends came to the rescue as I needed them.  My amazing friend Erica went so far as to take the tomato plants I’d just cleaned up from the back yard, where they were wilting and rotting away, to the curb.  Talk about above and beyond.  Other neighbors are watching our mail.  Andrew’s parents are killing spiders and cleaning as needed.  And dear, sweet, amazing Evelyn is giving me comic relief on a regular basis.  She’s been amazing.  Really, we couldn’t be more lucky.

Thank you, everyone, who has helped make this move go so smoothly.  This kind of thing is never “easy”, but it’s been very “smooth” so far.  Without you all, it would be a much different story.

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