Team Oberdeck

Mommy Guilt

Are you familiar with Mommy Guilt?  Those moments when you feel like you are failing your child by being merely human?  For only being granted two hands and one brain, each of which only function for a few short hours each day?

I am afflicted with this often.  Especially lately.

Shortly after finishing her second Dora for the day, and perhaps 5th Dora for the week (already), Evelyn got into a drawer that is usually locked.  I’d had to remove all the child locks in our house to get it ready for showings and was busily crossing my fingers that I wouldn’t regret that decision.  She brought me a sheet of temporary tattoos.

“I want a tattoo.”

“I don’t like hearing ‘I Want’.  Try again.”

“Please give me a tattoo.”

Then the silliest question ever.  “Which one?”

You guessed it.  “All of them.”

So, to her enormous surprise, I let her have them all.  I told her to lay down on the kitchen floor and pull up her tshirt.  Her eyes just lit up like Christmas morning when she realized what was up.  I thought that putting them on her tummy would make them inconspicuous – a little joke in our household – but most of Milwaukee and Seattle have now seen her tummy, as well as every flight attendant between.

I think I earned back some points after ignoring her for a few days.  It’s the little things, you know?

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