Team Oberdeck

The Treehouse

We’re in a temporary rental space while we house hunt.  I’m not exactly sure how the nickname came about….it had something to do with wanting a way to distinguish the temporary home with the permanent home we’re hoping to purchase mixed with the fact that it’s a second story walkup.  Something like that.  Turns out there is an apple tree growing next to the front porch…which makes it even more apt.

That’s right.  Genuine Washington Apples growing off our porch.

This place is awesome.  Andrew gets a gold star for finding this spot.  It’s just one bedroom, which we have given over to Evelyn, putting our bed off the kitchen.  It works out great, as that means I actually have to get up with everyone else 🙂  But I have found that I love an open floor plan.  I can watch the game while cooking dinner.  I can pester E while she is jumping on the furniture (she’s actually been really respectful of their stuff unless we make the mistake of giving her hot cocoa).

Sorry.  That was my poor attempt at a composite photo to show the layout.  You get the idea….perhaps.  Some more photos of the living space:


Off the main room is one little hallway with a sloped roof.  That’s where most of our storage is – Andrew and I are currently fighting over hangers.  The bathroom is also off the hallway.  I didn’t take photos of the bathroom – it’s pretty standard 🙂  

The open door at the end is E’s room.  This next photo is from inside her room, looking back at the front room, and then a close up of the fun beaded curtain.   

These next few are in E’s room.  She loves that she can touch the ceilings.  It’s like a special Kids Only room to her.  

Teddy came with the room.  He hangs out with all the renters, but I like to think that story time with E is a welcome change for him.

There are a ton of fun, funky, eclectic bits around the room that I just love.  Here are a few…..but really….there are tons.  I’m hoping to work through some of the selection on the bookshelves, too.  Everything from Larsson to Tom Robbins to Salinger and Hemingway, even a beat up copy of the MLA Handbook is up here.

Coffee grinder.  Perfect.

Fresh herbs.  There are more out on the patio, but I haven’t gotten around to photos out there yet.

Fun Art.  It’s everywhere.  

Lovely views like this one….and even downtown Seattle….from the porch

Fun bits.  They make life much more enjoyable while we get settled.

Little surprises….like this guy in E’s closet.

But my favorite part of this place is the view from this window.  You can see downtown from a few places, but from here you get this beauty:


What a welcome to the city.  I think we’re going to do really well here.  Here’s hoping the House Hunting phase is over quickly…..this has been quite the adventure, but house hunting is remarkably stressful.  Blurg.  I need another cuppa just thinking about it!!!



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