Team Oberdeck


Earlier this week it finally happened – we had a day where we didn’t have to sit by the phone, just in case.  We hit the road.

There is a fantastic parenting resource for Seattle-ites called Red Tricycle.  I stumbled on it the other day and the first article was “Top 5 Fall Hikes for Kids Under 5”.  So awesome.

We picked the Boulder Falls trail – 2.5 Miles in the Mt Baker / Snoqualmie National Forest.  After reading post-hike, I’m not sure exactly which falls we saw, but it worked out to about 2.5 miles of hiking and a pretty little falls to mark the turn-around.  Evelyn hiked the whole thing – our hiker is still in Milwaukee – and we were SO proud of her!

I felt like this was everything our first PacNW hike should be.  Chilly – foggy – damp – deep, dark green – and incredibly satisfying.  The drive out was lovely and we both got to see the snowy tops on the hills for the first time (we’ve never left the city outside of summer months).  So happy.

What a relief.  On to tomorrow – back to the sort-of-grind – counting down to Andrew’s first day on his new job.

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