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I Can Do It Myself

In the midst of the move, E has hit quite the independent streak.  For her, that’s saying something.  At her previous school, Miss E was identified by her teacher as one of the most independent kids in the classroom.  That included the 5 year olds.

Yikes.  Maybe student-driven Montessori isn’t what she needs after all…..  😉

But her teacher encouraged me to step back and take a look at just how much my kiddo can do.  I often lose track of how much she’s grown and forget to  challenge her.  When her teacher suggested I let her fold some laundry my jaw about hit the floor.  What?!  She can do laundry already?!  Cool.

I’ve been reading this book at the suggestion of a good friend, Bringing Up Bebe.  It’s pretty awesome, if I do say so.  It encourages a lot of the parenting philosophies that I aspire to – mostly about letting kids be kids, within limits.  I’m not about trying to create some academic genius or musical prodigy or athletic phenom.  I’m just not.  I aspire to a happy, healthy, well-rounded kiddo who is kind to others.  That’s it.  (Right.  Just that.  Nothing major.  Ha!)  *Disclaimer – I’m only four chapters into the book.  I have no idea how it all turns out yet.

This book had a cake recipe that even the littlest kiddos can make on their own.  Well, mostly on their own.  It involves using yogurt containers as the measuring cups and is, reportedly, very forgiving.  Truly, it is.  Evelyn did her own measuring & pouring & cleaning – they were some of her favorite “practical life” tasks at school – and I am just astonished at how capable she is.  She stirred & cracked eggs & only got one big piece of shell in there (which I managed to get out, whew).  Pretty awesome.  And it tasted pretty good, too – not too sweet, super dense, and best in tiny portions….the perfect little cake for coffee & dessert after dinner or late in the afternoon on a rainy day.

Good news.  We’ve got plenty of rainy afternoons in our new town 🙂

Looks like I’ll have a laundry helper soon.  Thank goodness.  I despise doing laundry!

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