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Halloween & a New School

Well, turns out I can get photos moved over again.  Technology is great, when it works.  Thought I’d go back in time and post some photos from Halloween and E’s new school.  We spent Halloween trick’o’treating in the Treehouse neighborhood.  The Phinney Ridge / Greenwood communities open up all their businesses on the local market strip and tons of families poured in for the goods.  Evelyn got everything from stickers to vegan ice cream taste tests to raisins to <my favorite> reeses peanut butter cups.  The overwhelming winners this year were the Dora Gummies and DumDums Lollis.  I loved it when the store owners dressed up, too – one wore a gorilla suit that scared the crap out of E…another store dressed as zombies and had the candy spilling out of a scarecrow’s guts.  Ha!

She has had a tough transition to school – for her – mostly because she didn’t get to go very regularly.  She’s there three days in a row, which is awesome, unless you factor in parent/teacher conferences….Thanksgiving break….a trip back to Mke to pack up our stuff….all told, she’s only gone two full weeks to date.  This week will make her third, but this week I also saw a huge change in her attitude towards school.  She actually WANTED to go.  She has never given me a hard time – only one day was spent clinging to my leg, and even then she didn’t cry – I’m pretty spoiled at how easily she melts into new circumstances.  This week, however, just before going to bed she told me that she was excited to go.  She told me she wanted to play with two of the kids, and she KNEW THEIR NAMES.  That’s huge in E’s world.

I think her transition was made all the easier because her first day was a Halloween party.  It was something fun – unexpected – and I got to hang out in the shadows the whole time.  I didn’t take my big MomTog camera or get in her face for photos, but I did snap a few with the phone through the day.  I was so proud of her – meeting new kids, inserting herself into play, and generally going with the flow.

If only it were so easy as adults!

A few weeks ago they had a Fall Party.  I had no idea (though in retrospect I really should have known) that there would be a singing production.  The kids learned all about the Stone Soup story and spent the week prepping ingredients for soup – cutting carrots, peeling potatoes, stirring pots – and we enjoyed a gigantic pot of soup at the party.  It really was tasty.  Unfortunately, now she seems to think that I will let her use sharp knives and peelers.  My nerves just aren’t that strong yet.  I am happy to let her stir, wash, and dry, though!

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