Team Oberdeck

The Reindeer Festival

Oh, what a month it has been!!!  While living at the treehouse was an awesome chapter in our lives, my computer did NOT get along with the internet provider there.  It was flat out war.  I missed emails….lost messages… name it.  Now we are all set up in our new home (!!!!!!) and have just a few kinks to work out….like figuring out how to get photos from my phone to my computer again without emailing them all.  It’s a work in progress.  So, because life was INSANE for a month, you don’t get to see any posts about that time.  Sorry.  Maybe later.

Let’s start from today.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day here – sunny on one side, a rainy front just around the mountains, lovely clouds floating around, and a gigantic rainbow over Lake Washington.  Just lovely.  So after learning that our dishwasher has already bit the dust (BOO – HISS – BOO), E and I decided to go do something fun.  We headed out to the quaint mountain town of Issaquah, which boasts the Cougar Mountain Zoo.  If you just clicked that link, you’ll know, they are currently hosting the Reindeer Festival.  I have never – NEVER – paid for or waited in line for a photo of E with Santa.  It’s something I take pride in for some unknown, irrational reason.  But this was just too fun to miss.  Since it was a random Tuesday afternoon, we were just about the only guests there.  Santa took all the time in the world with E and answered her questions – “How did you get here?”  “Are your reindeer cold?”  “Do you like carrots?”  The lovely staff members opened story time just for her and told her about all the animals at the zoo – I didn’t take a photo (it would never have worked), but there were two tigers who came down from their dens to sit at the gate and listen to story time with her.  And since the zoo is actually built into Cougar Mountain, the pens have stunning views over the lakes and cities.  I don’t think the staff members could quite understand why I kept taking pictures of – well – NOT the animals.  Ha!

I can’t imagine that I will get used to the scenery around here anytime soon.  At least, I hope not!

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