Team Oberdeck

Restarting / Resuming Life

It’s a strange thing, getting settled somewhere.  For awhile you make the excuses – “We just moved.”  “We’re still getting our feet under us.”  “Once we get out of these boxes……”  It’s all about excuses as you get it all sorted out.

Then you start to hit a pattern where it feels like you ARE settled.  Already, I find myself running into people at the market / library / park.  Today we were really busy with various activities in the neighborhood.  It is extremely helpful that our neighborhood is so family friendly – there were at least forty kids at the local library story time this afternoon.  (It’s a really good story time!)  There’s a ton of stuff for families to get involved in around here….it’s actually a bit overwhelming.

At the same time, I have to remind myself that we aren’t yet settled.  While we’re not only out of boxes, but now starting to actually remember where things are that are “put away”, there are goofy things left to be worked out.  For example, where does the mail go?  What is the system for making sure we both see it before it gets filed/tossed?  When do I check email?  What will occupy E sufficiently so I can take a shower, now that my shower is on the complete opposite end of the house?  What is the most efficient pattern for vacuuming the house?  Now that my bedroom is no longer in the middle of the house, will I ever need to make my bed again!?

All these little trivial things matter.  Seriously.  The first time I managed to get my entire upstairs dusted and swept in one day was a momentous occasion.  It hasn’t happened since.  I spend more time than I have putting things away, rethinking things, reorganizing, trying to find ways to make things more user-friendly.  It takes time.

So, I will be a random blogger for awhile.  I won’t always get emails returned in a timely manner.  Birthday cards will (continue to) likely be late (really, I should just always buy belated ones because even when I get them a MONTH ahead, they don’t get in the mail on time).  But, despite the outward appearance of my sporadic and disjointed communication, we’re doing really well.  The three of us, our little unit, are happy.  Last weekend we managed to speak with almost all of our family and many of our closest friends in ONE weekend.  Shocking.  We visited three different groups of friends in Seattle on Sunday alone. We may be new, but we’re busy.  And we’re still comparing our lives here to our lives in Wisconsin and Michigan and Missouri all the time, missing friends and family and conveniences that we found there.

E, spying Mt Rainier out our windows this morning, asked if there were any “quiet volcanoes” in Milwaukee.  No, dear girl, but there was a really big lake.  “It’s nice that we got to live in both places, Mama.  The lake was pretty, and so is the volcano.”


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