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A new member of Team Oberdeck

If you’ve followed the Facebook Link here….you’re trying to learn about our new addition.  Sweet Claire came into our lives just ten days ago and our lives will never be the same 🙂  Once we were ready to share the news, this is the email that went out with the title “A New Member of Team Oberdeck”….scroll through the blog for more information, too.  And, as always, we’d love to chat with anyone about questions.  Thank you to everyone for all the love and support our family has received as we adjust to being a Foursome!

Hello to all –

Did you think that this was a pregnancy announcement?  Sorry to lead you on – it’s not.  Our baby is already here!!!!

I’m not sure how far news had gotten around before we decided to change gears and move to Seattle, but in May our family became approved as an adoptive family.  That approval came in May, the new job popped on the radar in June, and we put ourselves on hold at the agency in September in preparation for the move in late October.  As of last Thursday morning, our file was once again complete.  We expected to do some waiting.

Thursday evening – after only five hours – we got a call that we had been chosen by a birth family.  The little girl had been born Wednesday morning and they wanted someone to step in asap.  It took less than two hours to pack up, pick up Andrew from the office, and get to the hospital.  We met the birth parents that evening and decided to move forward.

While it will take a few months for the paperwork to go through and the adoption to finalize, we already have legal custody of this beautiful little one.  So, it is with near disbelief and overwhelming joy that we announce the arrival of our youngest daughter, Claire Elise.  She came into the world on February 20, 2013, weighing 6 pounds 15 ounces and measuring 18.5 inches.  She has big grey-blue eyes and an itty bitty little nose, and loves to snuggle more than anything.  As anyone who knows Evelyn can guess, she is over the moon at having her very own baby to cuddle.  She’s doing really well with the abrupt change in her life – we are amazed at both of our girls!

Claire does have a few remaining medical issues that need to be addressed, so she remains in the hospital for a few more weeks (the timing is still unclear).  We expect her to make a full recovery and are using this time to adjust, pulling out baby things, talking to Evelyn about being a Big Sister, the way most families do during the 9 month pregnancy.  We would love to talk with you all in person – phone, Skype, FaceTime, whatever works for you.  Though I haven’t done a great job keeping it up through the move, I plan to continue posting about Claire and our adventures on our *new* site –

We are looking forward to everyone meeting the biggest surprise of our lives soon!  Much love to each of you and your families.

The Oberdeck Family

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5 thoughts on “A new member of Team Oberdeck

  1. Pat Hutchinson on said:

    Angela…I am so happy for all of you. I thought I would share a little bit of my story with you. I was adopted at age 13 months, (I will be 70 in June). So you can understand when I hear the word adoption, my ears perk up. I heard the announcement in church yesterday, along with the pink rose on the altar. I lived almost my entire life as an only child and I longed for siblings. Five years ago I found my birth family which made the circle complete. I was adopted by wonderful parents whom I loved more than anything. Claire will be experiencing the same thing, however having a big sister will just be frosting on the cake. I now have a wonderful relationship with my sister and brother. I wish your family God’s richest blessings as you travel this road. Congratuations and love, Pat Hutchinson

    • GoForOberdeck on said:

      Thanks, Pat! I remember your story – it’s hearing from people like you about the power of reuniting with birth family that reaffirms my belief in an open adoption. I’m really glad that we’ve met her birth family and have been able to keep in touch with them – I only hope it continues. Thanks for sharing!!

      • Calli on said:

        I am so glad you have this blog and thankful you have posted so many pictures! Claire is absolutely gorgeous and so precious! I know I will definitely be keeping up with this page and hopefully continuing to learn about her through her birth grandparents (my aunt and uncle – they included a link to your blog in the email they sent out). Looks like she and my daughter are almost a month apart! My little girl was born January 27th. I have a 2 and a half year old little boy too.
        Being a mom, I know that it takes very special people to do what you have done for Claire. I am so grateful to know there are people out there who have hearts big enough to take in such a special and wonderful little girl and give her a happy home and a loving family. Evelyn seems to have adapted very well! You’re lucky and I’m jealous… my son has taken some time to get used to his sister. There is nothing better than having a sibling! And I’m very thankful you decided on an open adoption – our family has grown by not one, but four!
        I’m not sure if you will be able to view my email address or not, but if you are, please feel free to contact me. I would love to keep in touch and hear about how she is doing!

      • GoForOberdeck on said:

        Thanks for emailing, Calli! I will try to get a full-length response out soon, but I am also very glad this is an open adoption. We got a chance to meet Tim & Deary last weekend and are happy to know there are so many ready to love this sweet baby!

  2. Dorothy on said:

    Hooray!! I am so happy for you all. Blessings on Claire. She is one lucky lady!

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