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No Thank You.

The good news:  Claire has gotten rid of her feeding tube!  The bad news:  She did it herself!!  Like most babies, she is constantly pawing at her face, and the other day she pulled that little tube right out.  Seems it happens all the time on this floor.

Thankfully, she has been doing a better job at eating and the doc said we could leave it out.  The threat remains, though, that if she doesn’t keep gaining weight, it will go back in.

While Andrew and I are firm that we won’t discuss what is going on medically (again – she’s doing REALLY well – this just takes time), I will say that one of her concerns stems from potentially being just a day or two preemie.  She’s a terrible eater.  Figures, right?!  After all we went through with Evelyn…………….UGH.  I’m getting the Bell Curve Lecture all over again.  I can’t stand that stupid curve.  No one gets upset at the babies in biggest ten percentile, but those in the smallest get tubes down their throats.

OK.  This is a different circumstance – I’ll give you that.  There are other concerns afoot here – those that shall not be discussed online.

She has a new doctor (they rotate out every week).  This one isn’t so hot with the bedside manner, but he’s more inclined to try fortifying her formula rather than a tube.  Pretty sure I know how this one ends……with a tired baby who still won’t eat “enough”……..but I am giving it my all and pushing this little baby to eat every second she’s awake.

Oh my.  Cannot wait to get home.  On the positive side, at least this time I don’t have all the pressure to keep nursing pounding on me.  That’s a nice change 🙂  Let’s hold on to that.

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One thought on “No Thank You.

  1. Lindsay on said:

    I’ve been there. Hugs from afar.

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