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2 Full Weeks

Miss Sweetness is two weeks old today.  Can you believe it?!  I certainly can’t….and I’m more excited than ever to get this girl HOME.  Time is flying by and I am itching to get her off the monitors…but of course….not before she is ready.  She’s on a regimen that just takes time – she’s working her way off of it, but it still just takes time.  I, meanwhile, get to exercise my Patience muscles.

If you’re waiting for me to do a full newborn photo shoot extravaganza with Claire, you’ll be waiting a long time.  When it comes to my own, I tend to shoot-it-as-I-can.  Can’t remember the last time I actually posed Evelyn except to say, “Stand by So&So and Smile.”  Sometimes she even listens.

As I mentioned before, Claire’s still on some monitors, so she’s tethered to her bed.  At least she’s through with the feeding tube, though (see previous post).  This morning I did take a few extra minutes to put down a non-hospital blanket & get her dressed (that doesn’t happen often yet – why do the extra laundry while we’re still here?!).  Just wanted to get a few quick shots of Claire at 2 weeks.

She’s awake a lot more often now – she’s tracking and definitely recognizes Andrew & I.  The nurses comment on how she hears us talking in the hall.  She has lovely little smiles (keep your reasons to yourself, thank you) and happy little baby squeaks.  She’s constantly gnawing on her knuckles and has lost her umbilical stump.  She loves her binky, but opens her eyes just after falling asleep – pushes it out – and goes back to sleep.  I love that.  She’s not the best eater and we have to shake it up with regular breaks for burping / diaper changes / feet tickling to keep her going.  She usually eats with her eyes closed, mostly asleep, and by the time she’s finished her eyes are wide open.  She’ll spend an entire hour just looking around the room after a stop at the Full Belly Deli.  I think she knows how loved she is already – we’ve all been overwhelmed by the lovely notes & calls & such.  I am trying desperately to get back to everyone, but I keep falling asleep…. The flowers in our hospital room help to make the days so much more cheerful – thank you.  My amazing Aunt even sent a cookie bouquet, which made Evelyn wish she could get a little sister every day.










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4 thoughts on “2 Full Weeks

  1. A HUGS bracelet – oh the memories! Truman was quite the houdini and managed to escape his a couple of times. Thanks for sharing the photos!

    • GoForOberdeck on said:

      Claire got out of hers, too – must be these tiny babies with their tiny ankles! I promise to call soon – that’s the trouble with West Coast – by the time I am free in the evenings, my MidWest friends are asleep 😦 Hope all is well!

  2. Dianna Fazio on said:

    These pictures are absolutely wonderful! So beautiful! congratulations again!

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