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We’re Home!

I know this post is overdue….but we have a newborn.  It’s allowed.

It’s been a bit crazy around here.  By “a bit”, I mean “completely and overwhelmingly beyond all recognition” crazy.  We’ve not experienced anything like this in our 8 years of marriage….but somehow we’re doing just fine.

Long before we knew about Claire’s impending arrival (you know…a little over four weeks ago), some of our dearest friends planned a trip to see us.  Andrew’s parents then planned their own trip, which brought them to town the evening after our friends left.  In all, after three weeks at the hospital, we’ve had visitors for two full weeks after.  It’s been wonderful – please don’t misunderstand – I’m thrilled that these folks have gotten to meet Claire already, but I’m thankful they’re the type of friends who wash their own dishes and sweep the floors and cook dinner and don’t wait to be asked…..they both graciously swapped out their “vacation” plans for some “let’s help them adjust to life with a new baby” plans.

Because, on top of it all, Evelyn brought home a nasty bug from school.  She almost never gets sick – I think I can count the number of fevers she’s had on one hand – but she was down for the count for a few days.  Then Andrew got it.  And, of course, so did I.  Thankfully, Claire seems to be holding it off with just some congestion.  So – yeah – that, too.

All in all, I’m just getting to posting about coming home.  Claire was released from the hospital on Tuesday, March 12.  We had a new doc come in on Monday (the attendings rotate every week) and he “couldn’t figure out why we were still there.”  He discharged her as soon as possible from coming on shift – which makes him my favorite doctor ever.  Claire is thriving at home – she’s gaining weight by the day and is a wonderful sleeper (she’s been getting two good 5 hours stretches at night).  People usually start remarking after only two or three days with her about the changes they can already see.  We took her to her first pediatrician appt on Monday – her 1 month check – and the doctor was really happy with her growth & development.  While she was still on the wee side of the chart at the time, I think she’s definitely headed towards the center.  We may actually get some ROLLS in this house!  She’s started smiling last week and is starting to interact more and more.  It’s been wonderful to see her begin to blossom!

Evelyn is thrilled to have her home – as one can imagine – but even more so to have ME home.  This was rehashed last night as Andrew and I attempted to go out to dinner…..she had some trouble letting me go, thinking I was headed back to the hospital.  Water under the bridge now, though.  Our cat, however, is not as happy to see Claire.  He seeems to remember perfectly well what the baby stuff means – added to the visitors lately, and he’s a bit cantankerous.  Nothing worrisome, truthfully kinda funny…..we can just tell he’s a bit put out.

Pics are below – it was evening by the time we were discharged, so not so many with the big camera…..but still pretty special!

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2 thoughts on “We’re Home!

  1. Is it ok that I still think it’s strange that you now have two babies!? If it’s taking me awhile to get used to the idea, I can’t imagine the life twists you’ve been thrown. Nevertheless, overjoyed, just what a surprise! I love seeing your photos and hearing your news, whenever you get around to post. And strangely, I love that I see your metadata on the side of the photos. lol Nerd, I know. 🙂 Hugs to all!

    • GoForOberdeck on said:

      Umm….yes, as I still forget sometimes, too! There have been many occasions where I am shocked to hear squeaking coming from the carseat in the corner 🙂 If you are a nerd, so am I….as I went and checked out my own metadata, too! Didn’t know it was posting! Hope to see you guys soon!

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