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Paul and Colleen are some of our best friends, and we are thrilled that they were able to come out last week for some quality time.  It wasn’t the visit they were expecting, that’s for sure, but it was awesome in its own rights.  Thankfully they are the type of folks who roll with the punches and aren’t interested in squeezing every last sight-seeing adventure out of every minute.  We hit some highlights, they did some on their own, and we spent a lot of time at the house consuming various mug-fulls of tea…….wine…..or Colleen’s delicious chocolate covered strawberries.  They introduced us to a new friend in our town and we gathered with old friends from all over our histories.  There was even a party which was so epic it deserves its own post.  It’s coming.

Just a few highlight pictures, because our children are so amazing and our time with these friends always brings a smile to MY face.

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2 thoughts on “Friends

  1. Nancy Lupardus-Twitchell on said:

    I just read the last two entries. Based on the pictures, Frankie seems to be rather curious about the new baby. I know that when my nephew was brought home from the hospital for the first time, the family cat acted in a very scary way. Almost like Colin might be prey of some kind. I’m so glad that Frankie isn’t upset about Clair.

    • GoForOberdeck on said:

      Yup – we were nervous about him bringing Evelyn home, but he has proven to be a really easy-going cat around kiddos. I’ve never seen him bat at a kid who didn’t go after him first….and I’ve never seen him turn on anyone who couldn’t walk. Lucky for him, too – if he forced us to choose, it would be a no-brainer!

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