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Epic Luck

St Patrick’s Day is a “thing” in my house. I love it. It truly is one of my favorite holidays…..mostly because it’s a great excuse to have a party. Few of my peers host St Pat’s parties anymore, saving the boozing for the younger bunch. My party isn’t really about drinking….it used to be….but it has “matured.” Or something. It also does little to educate about St Pat, but that’s OK with me.

Even though we’re pretty new in our city, we decided to have the party anyway. The clincher was learning that our friends would be staying with us over the holiday – we decided that even if we could just get one or two more people over, that would be a party, indeed. So we opened it up to new acquaintances, a few old friends, and it spiraled. It gets complicated to explain how everyone wound up there….but we had a family reunion, a college reunion, a high school reunion, new friends from all sorts of venues around Seattle, and some family to round it out. Our house was packed and we were simply tickled.

Then, to top the whole thing, we added Claire. We were already excited to meet/see everyone’s children, but when we found out we’d be bringing Claire home just days before the party, that was pure awesomeness. I took Claire out to some “loud” events – play dates, malls, story time at the library, etc – to make sure she could handle the stimulation, and Andrew took special care to remove her from all the noise for regular meal breaks. She did awesome. She took her bottles like a champ and even snacked among friends between. She slept well, cooed a little, and gazed with various facial expressions at all who held her. After living her first three weeks a single room, she was an absolute champ who charmed the pants off our party goers. I was one proud mama!!

Evelyn, having been through so much in the past few weeks, actually passed out on my bed at dinner time. She was toast. Granted, she’d had her first attempt at a slumber party with her roommates (see previous post – the kids all shared a room) and was exhausted already. Still. She was a trooper…..until she collapsed. Thankfully our party people were understanding and the gathering happily went on in her absence.

Days like St Patrick’s Day really help me take stock of some of the amazing bits that make up my life. How lucky are we that only a few months after moving across the country we were able to fill our house with loved ones we’d known for decades – for just a few months – and even a matter of weeks. I apologize again for the corned beef that didn’t turn out (1/2 did, 1/2 did NOT) and the lack of beer at the start (a special thanks to those who made runs for us – I know we were lame ducks this year). If the food I put out felt like an after thought to the party…….it kinda was. I can’t believe that day happened, and it may not have had the same ring to many of our guests, but to Andrew & I – it was epic.

Pics are below – some from the party (many of our “newer” friends had left by the time I broke out the camera…and thanks to Ben for snapping some through the day) and some from a “photo shoot” at the house. Thanks also to my talented cousin at Alaine Sheeley Designs for the super sweet St Patty’s shirts. Thanks to all who came to celebrate the minuscule part of me that isn’t German – and a day full of love & laughter in our home.

We are The Luckiest.

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