Team Oberdeck

Grandparent Visit

Unlike my mom’s surprising and urgent trip to Seattle, Andrew’s parents had actually planned on coming out our way in early April. Who knew that they’d be able to meet their newest granddaughter on that visit?! It’s amazing how things work out sometimes.

The very day that our friends departed for their home, Andrew’s parents arrived in Seattle for a week. They took turns staying with us – Andrew’s sister – and a road trip of their own, which all amounted to a lovely visit. It was especially nice to have such a transition for Evelyn, who was finding it quite a shock to have a whole bedroom to herself again. I truly think that having so many people in and out has really helped her ease into Big Sisterhood – she hasn’t really had time to think about how much Claire has changed things, because So Much was going on all at once. By the time her grandparents left, the visiting had become more sporadic, making it a much smoother transition to Just Us Four.

Evelyn particularly loved spending an entire day with her grandparents – they went to the Great Wheel – the aquarium – the public market – and Papa John even took her to a neighborhood park before dinner. It was just about her perfect day – the only downer for her was that I didn’t make spaghetti for dinner! They did an egg hunt for her in the backyard (which was great, because all the adrenaline of bringing Claire home had worn off shortly after St Pat’s, when I got terribly sick – Easter was done extremely Bare Bones this year). They read her books, took her to dance class, and played with her in the yard – it was wonderful. And, at the same time, they got to meet Claire a bit. I say “a bit” because it’s kind of hard to “get to know” a newborn. There’s not much going on just yet!

As I mentioned, I happened to get really sick just as they arrived. Not too many photos….but I spent a good chunk of time on the couch hacking away. Seattle threw me a bone and gave us stellar weather, which will help cure ills far worse than what I had!

We really loved having them out and further showing them our life here. This last week has been our first without any visits since bringing Claire home. All is well – very, very well – in our home and we are so thankful to have been able to share the last few weeks with our friends & family.

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