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Oh, Easter.  Why must you have come so early this year???

I took down the St Pat’s decorations a few days before Easter.  We went to church. That is the culmination of my attempts at a Easter festivities this year, and I’m perfectly happy with that.

I take that back.  Andrew did make an 8pm Saturday Night run to Target to get something the Easter Bunny forgot… that the Easter Bunny hadn’t decided if he/she was coming at all yet.  He did come, and he put together a scavenger hunt for Evelyn’s new scooter.  She has no idea how tired the poor bunny is, and all is right with the world.  Andrew took some video of the scavenger hunt, and perhaps someday I’ll get it posted.

Just as we were switching between friends visiting and my in-laws visiting, I got really sick.  I never get sick, and I was out.  Evelyn had brought something home from school – she was on the couch with an on-and-off fever, including 24 hours of on-the-couch-can’t-move sickness just before we brought Claire home.  PERFECT timing.  It finally made it’s way to me, and I was so tired I couldn’t fight it off.

Thankfully, my in-laws were up to the challenge.  They came over to visit with us the day after they’d arrived.  Our visit consisted of Andrew & I passing out for a few hours while they folded laundry, tended to Claire, and dyed eggs with Evelyn.  When I woke up, Chinese had been ordered and the house was in great shape.  Amazing.

They also orchestrated an egg hunt for Evelyn in the yard….which happened while I pulled massive amounts of weeds out of the garden areas.  I have no idea what’s growing back there right now – more on that later – but it felt good to get outside.

We did manage to get to a church, which was no small thing for us.  We haven’t really found a place we feel connected to yet, as you can imagine.

I took the girls over to my sister- & brother-in-law’s house that afternoon for a potluck.  My own offering was pitiful, but the food was delicious (I honestly think they must audition their friends for culinary talent), including homemade pies & ice cream.  The weather was the most amazing Easter I can remember – we were in short sleeves and dresses – basking in sunshine – Evelyn even caught a bit of a flush from the sun.

When the sun shines like that in Seattle, there is no place on Earth I’d rather be.  The drive to and from the potluck afforded views of mountains where I’d never seen mountains before.  Stunning.  I cannot WAIT for summer here!

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One thought on “Easter

  1. Virginia Oberdeck on said:

    Glad we could be part of that week! We oved it…and the weather was the best we have had in Seattle and much better than what we returned to here!

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