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Two Months

Hello there! On Wednesday Claire hit her 2 month mark, so I thought it was time for an update.

I broke out the old “What To Expect in Baby’s First Year” book to get an idea of what to be watching for – it’s been awhile, and I never really paid attention to this stage of Evelyn’s development. But, from what I’m reading, Claire is right on schedule. She’s smiling – a lot – and making all those lovely baby sounds that make me melt. She coos and gurgles and even squeals, usually in response to attention from Andrew, Evelyn, or me. Those moments are only when she’s appropriately changed, fed, and burped, though. She’s serious about that business. In the morning though, occasionally, she’ll stop eating to smile at Evelyn as she comes in to say “good morning.” Evelyn, of course, is certain that Claire’s first word will be her name. Perhaps she’s right – who knows.

She’s an incredibly easy going baby. I’d thought Evelyn was an easy kid, but Claire has highlighted just how opinionated Evelyn has always been! She’s so mellow – she hasn’t yet found that blood-curdling newborn scream (though I still expect it to show up) and instead gets her point across with an oh-so-sad whimper, that slowly – sloooowwwly gets more insistent. I only know how loud it gets because of the amazing (not in a good way) Seattle Traffic. Boo. Traffic.

Currently, Claire is a big fan of fuzzy blankets, super tight swaddles at bedtime, hanging out in the Boppy pillow / swing, and being read to by her big sister. Claire also loves music. When Evelyn or I start singing along or having one of our *many* random dance parties, Claire seems to be itching to join in. She starts smiling, cooing, and kicking her feet. When Evelyn got her boogie on to some Mumford & Sons (which she picked up on her own off the radio – btw), Claire was right there with her.

We go in for her 2 month pediatrician appointment this coming week (her ped was on vacation – I am not actually a slacker this time!) and I expect to see that her weight has been holding steady. We haven’t seen the “catch up” formula fest that we’d grown accustomed to, but she’s grown more consistent in her patterns and is actually setting a sort of schedule. The last three nights in a row she’s slept 7+ hours, too – formula has it’s perks!!! I’m actually starting to feel like a human again! It’s been wonderful to see her sleep so well and still see her diapers getting more and more snug (that is the way all new babies are measured, isn’t it?!).

We’ve loved taking Claire on a tour of the city over the past month. She’s been to the aquarium, the public market (many times), story times, long walks, out in the garden, and to countless play dates. We are so excited that she’s start traveling soon – May will find me taking my first flight with both girls – solo – back to the midwest! She’ll also get to experience the thrill of the Amtrak on this trip. I’m mentally preparing myself… will be totally worth it to introduce our little bundle of happiness and her Super Incredible Big Sister (more on that later) to our families. Oh – I am So So So excited! Claire2Mos180403

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One thought on “Two Months

  1. Jason on said:

    It’s all such great news. So happy for you guys. But damn, you are brave flying solo and Amtraking after that.

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