Team Oberdeck

The Spring Party

Evelyn has this wonderful book called “Don’t Wake The Bear” where all the animals are planning a spring party but are trying to be super quiet so they won’t wake the bear.  It’s a decent book to begin with, but especially good when Andrew reads it with his super-cute animal voices.

She was really excited to learn that her school would have a Spring Party of their own.  They commemorate each season with a party for the families – in autumn we had a Stone Soup dinner, including some soup that the kids made during the day.  The requisite holiday party included a concert, and last week we enjoyed the Spring Party, centered on the kids version of a Peter & The Wolf play.  It was awesome.  The kids are all ages 3, 4, and 5, so you can imagine the level of acting.  There was only one kiddo that froze, but there was a lot of “DO I SAY IT NOW, DADDY?” and “HEY!  I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY!” and the like.  So fun.

Evelyn and the other 3 year olds were asked to be trees & flowers without any lines, giving the pre-kindergarteners a chance to shine.  She wasn’t thrilled about it, but maintained good humor.

At the end, instead of the hunters taking their usual vengeance on the wolf, Peter caught him by the tail and they took him to the zoo.  I included a short(ish) video of the kiddos “parading” behind Peter as he delivered the wolf to the zoo.  Just imagine herding cats.  Something like that.

I was flying solo at this performance, giving a bottle to Claire, holding her in the sling while I took photos and laughed at (er, I mean with) the kids.  Hence the shoddy photojournalism.  Thankfully Claire let me indulge her sister in some attention and rolled with it all.

We also gorged on tacos while mingling with other parents / kids.  The kids chopped all the fixings and squashed up the guacamole.  I love that they get the kids involved in making food – if it’s not for a party, it’s for their own end-of-day snacks.  Yay Montessori!  Evelyn has been planting strawberries & other ferns, sewing buttons, working on pouring and cleaning up her own messes (the classroom uses glass objects alot with the expectation that kids will break them, giving them a chance to “experience and overcome mistakes”).  Truly – I have learned so much about how to treat my child with independence and respect from these teachers.  What a gift.  And she has such a blast at school – it’s wonderful to see!

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