Team Oberdeck

A Nursery

Many have asked if it was at all “easier” that Claire arrived in our family so quickly after moving to Seattle.  There are definitely positives.  For example, we had a room vacant – seemingly waiting for her.  We had just been having a discussion about what kind of furniture made the most sense for our temporary guest room when – oops – we needed a nursery!

Thankfully, I had some time on my hands in the hospital.  By the time Claire came home I’d been able to make a few things for her room.  My mom spent an afternoon in the hospital for me – I think she appreciated some time to snuggle, but I really appreciated some blissfully uninterrupted time with my sewing machine.  Turns out I can actually be pretty productive when push comes to shove!

Thank you to all who have sent things for our nursery, too.  We’ve got an overflowing closet and some very sweet touches in the room.  I’ve got lots of ideas, too – eventually we’ll get to a rug & some paint on the walls.

We haven’t painted anything in the house yet.  I’m sure you can understand!

Enjoy the peek into Claire’s world!

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